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How companies can get to grips with ESG demands

The following extract is taken from an article published on Sustainable Views (FT) – see How companies can get to grips with ESG demands – Sustainable Views.

To ESG or not to ESG — that is the choice that some would suggest is before all companies. The reality, though, is that businesses all over the world have no choice. Over time, they will all need to adapt to a lower-carbon economy.

Anticipating and mitigating climate-related risks, as well as capitalising on new opportunities, such as tapping into transition finance, will be front of mind for many, as will the ways in which companies respond to wider social and governance concerns and rules. 

We believe there are seven recommendations large businesses, especially those with a multinational footprint, should take on board to help them thrive in this new reality:

  1. Ensure your transition plans translate ambition into action
  2. Take advantage of financing opportunities
  3. Get to grips with climate and sustainability disclosure regimes
  4. Don’t forget about Mother Nature
  5. Remain alert to greenwashing risks
  6. Prepare for human rights and environmental due diligence
  7. Consider competing interests

Read the full article on Sustainable Views.


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