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EU horizon scanning: what happens to pending proposals in the lead up to the EU Parliament elections in June?

2024 marks a pivotal year for EU policy with the European Parliament election in June and the appointment of new Commission, which will impact future legislative and regulatory trends, including on ESG issues.

On 6-9 June 2024, EU citizens will vote to elect a new European Parliament. 2024 is also a time for reshuffle in the European Commission, with the newly elected Members of the European Parliament and EU Member States’ heads of state and government in the European Council having their say in choosing a new President of the Commission and the new Commission as a whole. 

These reshuffles will significantly slow down legislative activity in the EU from May to November 2024, when a new Commission can be expected to be sworn in and the foundations of policy and legislation for the next EU mandate are put in place. 
To understand what this means for you and your business, Alexandra Lucia Nagy, head of the Linklaters EU Law and Policy team in Brussels, explains the changes in a nutshell in a short video. 

We have also prepared a “traffic light” guide which forecasts the likelihood of certain EU initiatives – including various ESG proposals such as the CS3D, Green Claims Directive, etc - being finalised before the EU elections recess. However, please bear in mind that this is a fast-moving feast and that some of these initiatives may have progressed since we went to press.  

Click here to view the guide and video. 

(Please note that these materials are only available to clients who have registered on the Linklaters knowledge portal.)
If you would like to discuss the status of any pending EU proposals relevant to ESG, please reach out to your usual Linklaters ESG contacts.



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