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New ESG webinars: greenwashing, climate transition plans, and cost of living crisis

We will be holding the following ESG webinars in October and November:

Cost of living crisis: Issues for legal teams to consider

Join us for a webinar on 12 October at 14:00-15:00 BST where our experts will discuss issues in-house counsel are grappling with in the context of economic uncertainty, rocketing energy prices and general inflation which are driving the biggest cost of living crisis in 50 years, with enormous implications for businesses, their people, and relations with suppliers and consumers. Click here to register.

Greenwashing: Lessons learned and practical tips

Join us for a webinar on 2 November at 12:00-13:00 GMT where our experts will draw on recent enforcement action and greenwashing claims brought in various forums and contexts, to offer some practical guidance for legal teams trying to protect their business. What are regulators and stakeholders challenging, what is being upheld and how can you guard against the risks? Click here to register.

How to produce accurate and robust climate transition plans

Join us for a webinar on 23 November at 14:00-15:00 GMT where Linklaters’ partner Vanessa Havard-Williams, a member of UK Government’s Transition Plan Taskforce Delivery Group, provides further colour around the TPT’s recommendations which are expected later this year. Vanessa will discuss the TPT’s guidance around: how preparers can produce accurate, robust, and accountable transition plans and avoid greenwashing; the role of governance and assurance, third-party verification, and the implications for reporting; and how to simplify the assessment, comparison, and interpretation of transition plans by users. Click here to register.


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