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ESG Summer School: new podcasts on TCFD for asset managers and human rights disclosures

Welcome to the last installment in the Linklaters ESG Summer School 2022 dedicated to disclosure regimes across the globe.

Each week over the summer holiday, we have been releasing new podcasts on different aspects of key ESG disclosure regimes.

This week's podcasts are all about:

  • TCFD disclosure requirements for asset managers in the UK; and 
  • human rights disclosures.

Although the ESG Summer School has now closed, we will continue to track next steps in the key disclosure regimes. To stay on top of the latest developments, sign up for alerts by clicking on "Subscribe" at the top of the Sustainable Futures blog

If you would like to discuss any aspect of ESG disclosure regimes or any other ESG development, please contact the Linklaters team on


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