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Spotlight on...climate and ESG action plans

We have published two briefings with our top tips on what to do with your ESG and climate plans:

If 2020 was the year that ESG went from niche to mainstream then 2021 is panning out to be the year when everyone – companies, banks, asset managers, insurers, pension schemes and, yes, even private equity – are being asked to “walk the talk” on their climate and other ESG pledges.

The recent raft of climate shareholder resolutions in this year’s AGMs and the Dutch court’s decision in the Shell climate case are just the most recent examples of the pressure building up on business to flesh out their plans.

In the ESG Action Plan, we set out key steps for corporates to consider in the short (now), medium (within the next year) and longer (18 months to 2 years) term - regardless of which jurisdiction or sector you operate in.

In the Climate Change Plans and Targets, we highlight key points for businesses to consider in their climate strategy and targets.


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