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Environmental, Social and Governance and the Real Estate Sector: ‘A New Dawn’

As dusk falls on 2020 and dawn breaks on 2021, environmental, social and governance issues look set to dominate the public and political agenda with real estate investors and lenders alike turning their attention to the ever growing ESG-focused legislation and policies expected to be implemented over the coming year. In this article, we explore the increasing importance of how the real estate sector integrates environmental, social and governance policies into real estate management.

Long gone are the days when real estate investors and lenders sought and appraised real estate assets solely on their environmental credentials, satisfied with a BREEAM certification and the implementation of a “green travel plan”. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape even further, pushing the “social” and “governance” limbs to the fore and driving demand for real estate assets which are able to demonstrate compliance with each of the environmental, social and governance limbs.


climate change and environment, sustainable finance, governance and corp culture