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Investment teams with more women or ethnic minorities shown to outperform

Until recently, the ESG agenda was dominated primarily by the "E" and climate change in particular. This is still critical, but we are now seeing a greater focus on the "S" in ESG too. The Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement are shining a brighter light on the social side, with diversity & inclusion now high on everyone’s agenda. Not just for asset managers and the financial sector – but across the full business spectrum.

Asset managers have been put on notice to overhaul their “male and pale” workforces or risk losing clients after one of the world’s most influential advisers to pension funds found that diverse investment teams significantly outperform. Willis Towers Watson, which advises on $2.6tn in assets, said its analysis of more than 2,400 individual investment teams globally found that diverse groups outperformed those with no gender or ethnic minority employees by 20 basis points a year on average. “There is clear evidence to say that an investment team that is more diverse will deliver better outcomes,” said Chris Redmond, head of manager research.


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