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Is blockchain the next big thing for sustainable supply chains?

When it comes to developing and maintaining sustainable supply chains, one of the key issues is traceability. We are seeing an increasing number of examples of blockchain being used to track and verify sustainability in companies' supply chains. The recently announced AB InBev pilot comes off the heels of a number of blockchain initiatives announced by corporations such as Burberry and Estee Lauder Companies. It is clear that companies all over the world are focussing on new and innovative ways of using technology to improve sustainability. With competitors globally upping the ante on their net zero targets and the European Commission consulting on whether to introduce mandatory due diligence on human rights and environmental issues in supply chains, companies will need to assess the best way to monitor and manage emissions and responsible sourcing in their supply chains.

The world's largest brewer is piloting blockchain technology to trace barley throughout its European supply chains and to provide customers with more sustainability-related information.


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